Want to honour a Canadian Christian leader?

The Online Encyclopedia of Canadian Christian Leaders (OECCL) is seeking writers to submit entries for one or more of the leaders listed at the bottom of this page.


You may qualify if you work, study at a graduate level, or otherwise specialize in:

  • History
  • Journalism
  • Sociology
  • Theology
  • Leadership
  • Research that included Christian leaders

You should demonstrate understanding of Christian leadership perspectives. OECCL looks at leaders from multiple denominational/theological backgrounds, including:

  • Evangelical
  • Reformed
  • Charismatic
  • Anabaptist
  • Lutheran
  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Methodist
  • Fundamentalist
  • Emergent
  • Orthodox

Presenting Every Angle 
OECCL recognizes that, in meeting their leadership objectives, these leaders may well have worked with others of various faiths and practices differing from their own. OECCL recognizes principled pluralism as a reality in the influences surrounding the work of such leaders.

Focus on Conflict Resolution Preferred
Although various topics are welcome, OECCL will give preference to submissions that focus on leaders who have demonstrated interest in the study of conflict, its management and, where possible, its resolution.

Editorial Guidelines
The format for the OECCL entries will be:

  1. Synopsis: 50 words naming the entry subject and summarizing his/her leadership story, biography and Christian faith perspective.
  2. Biography: 1,000 words or more, telling the entry subject’s story, including early development, family background, education, career and major leadership contributions.
  3. Leadership Traits: 500 word section outlining leadership traits, styles and philosophy which provide a framework for readers and researchers to understand what it was that enabled this person to exhibit leadership in the setting in which he/she worked.
  4. Bibliography: 3-50 entries, providing further opportunities for readers and researchers to learn more about the leader.
  5. Graphics: a formal headshot of the leader and/or a good and relevant photo of the leader at work.
  6. A brief (50-100 words) summary of the writer’s own context, including his/her other written work or research in connection with the subject entry.

For examples of proper formatting, read the Portraits Collection and the list of potential entrants below. This list is suggestive, not exhaustive.

To learn more about getting involved, contact:

Lloyd Mackey, MBA, DMin
Online Encyclopedia of Canadian Christian Leaders

Suggested List of Canadian Christian Leaders

Business / Philanthropy / Labour
Bentall Family
Jim Pattison
Shirley Carr
David Lam*
Weston Family
Kevin Jenkins
Claude Taylor

Addie Aylestock
Augustus Chao
Henry John Cody
Bernice Gerard
Brian Stiller
Geoff Tunnicliffe
John Wesley White

Katharine Hayhoe
Leah Kostamo
Cathie Nicholl*
J. I. Packer
Frank C. Peters*
Egerton Ryerson

Entertainment / Arts
Carolyn Arends
Grace Irwin
N. J. Lindquist
Oscar Peterson
Ted Smith

Government / Politics
Pierre Allard
Shawn Atleo
Deb Grey
Preston Manning
Bill Blaikie
Alice Wong

Humanitarian / Health Care / Family
Charles Ellington*
Jean Chamberlain Froese
Ken Gamble
Grey Nuns
David Toycen
Kevin Jenkins

Ted Byfield
Michael Coren
Lorna Dueck
David Mainse
Lloyd Robertson


* Linked names are finished examples.